No matter the delivery method, the common thread in all of our work is delving deep into the intersection of science and marketing in quantitative and qualitative ways, yielding a clear point of view.



No two project engagements are alike, and we prefer it that way. All of our strategy work is highly customized based on an assessment of your needs, budget, and timeline. We are targeted in our approach to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.  


By moderating panels and speaking at various industry conferences on food and health around the globe, we share our unique point of view. To help our clients better understand the complex foodscape, we provide corporate training and customized presentations. 


Our insightful reports are geared for both technical and non-technical audiences looking to sort out science-based fact from fiction. For specialized topics, reports can be customized upon request and coupled with an on-site presentation for greater depth and specificity. 

Foodscape Finds™ is where we explore and debate the main drivers of our complex and always changing food landscape. We dig into marketing and the consumer on one hand, and then nutrition science and food policy on the other. It’s this mashup of science and marketing where things get really interesting.


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Based in Chicago, Illinois, USA, we're a virtual company working with clients across the globe.

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