Any effective strategy requires a clear point of view, which we devise by integrating information from four main areas:


For the topic of “nutrition” alone, there are about 15,000 peer reviewed papers published in a single year. Science is both glorious and overwhelming when it comes to what matters.

  • Are there published papers substantiating our ingredient of interest?
  • Who are the key scientific contributors in a given space?
  • How do we know which scientific findings carry the most weight?


From Dietary Guidelines for Americans to World Health Organization reports, food policy has never been more important. Foodscape Group follows food policy developments from both a consumer and corporate perspective.

  • What's happening with the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans?
  • How do dietary recommendations vary from country to country?
  • What's new and changing when it comes to health claims and labeling?


Influencers come in all voices and formats. Foodscape Group follows and engages -- from traditional to social media -- to understand who's who and what's what among influencers.

  • Who is most influential and meaningful on a topic of interest?
  • Which social media platforms are most significant for food dialogue and what storylines are playing out?
  • How do we determine a credible path for our brand to engage?


For every diet type and every new product that hits the scene, there's still a consumer wanting something newer or even more different.

  • How do we manage the barrage of over 20,000 new products entering the marketplace each year?
  • How does dietary guidance apply to consumer desires to eat vegan? Paleo? Keto?
  • How do we determine our best consumer target for our new product?

No one can claim to "know the market" or have all the answers...we face new and intriguing questions on a daily basis!

At Foodscape Group, what we can do is cut through the clutter, zone in on what actually matters and devise a strategy based on a balanced and informed point of view. 


Being a navigation partner means we help sort out the complex foodscape for companies, brands and entrepreneurs like you.

The best assignments utilize both halves - the creative and the scientific -  of our food-obsessed brains.